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Jennifer 13 Feb, 2019 12:45 73366 30

25+ Women Share The Weirdest Pregnancy Advice They Have Ever Got

They are funnier than you think. 

Bits and pieces of advice are showered on the human generation just like salt, in the amount one finds taste in. But, barely do people realize that it is not how things should be. Also, most of us are unable to understand the weird pleasure people get in sending out free advice, that no one actually needs! Is it because most people feel the urge to be heard, and that can be however way? Umm, that's not right, though. 

Amongst this, there is this Reddit thread that asked the world on the weirdest pregnancy advice and it felt as if people were just waiting for it, to spurt out the idiosyncrasies they have faced! Have a look at the weirdos in this world.