Rebecca John 28 Mar, 2019 07:19 73641 28

These Smartphones Might Wreak Havoc On Your Health

Scroll till the end to know about the ones that are least harmful!

The market today is flooded with a variety of smartphones. Choosing one is for sure a tough task. While we focus primarily on specs and pricing, we do overlook something crucial. That's safety. We all forget the basic fact that smartphones indeed pose certain health hazards. 

In fact, there is a metric that measures the degree of harm. Known as the Specific absorption rate (SAR), it is calculated in watts per kilogram. Whenever a phone is launched in the market, it has to get a SAR certificate. This SAR value indicates how harmful the phone is. The more the SAR, the more is the damage.

Check out the list below and see if you are at risk too.