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Jennifer 18 Jan, 2019 11:54 72843 25

These Ladies Are Weighing Same Or Even More But Have Got Leaner, Know How?

Screw the weighing machine!

In the incessant rut of body positivity doing the rounds since time immemorial, this hashtag #ScrewTheScale is a breath of fresh air. Also, this ain't no #10YearChallenge, that has got these people the bodies they have come to love. Instead, it is the challenge to follow, unlike the stupid ones! These ladies indulged in healthy eating, and strength training which actually worked for their body composition.

Instead of being bugged by the scale and turning pale every time they stepped on it, they looked towards a smarter aspect. With peace of mind and a healthy lifestyle, here's how the transformations actually worked in the same or even increased body weight!