Rebecca John 11 Mar, 2019 07:40 73572 30

The Secret Behind The Perfect Shape Of The Kardashians

They're famed for their paparazzi perfect figures!

Kardashians are here to slay! From clothes to makeup to video games, they have captured the world in no time. Their PR strategy is incredible for sure. Who thought that these ladies one day would end up making an empire out of one tape? 

Nevertheless, it takes a hell lot of courage, patience and willpower to do what they are doing and they are undoubtedly amongst the stronger lot. While Kylie is a businesswoman, Kendall is a model, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have some big projects in their kitty too. Their motto is to stay in shape coz their shape gets them work. 

From how do they stay in shape, what is their diet, to how much do they work out - we have it all covered. Read on to answer all your queries.