Chloe Johnson 19 Feb, 2019 13:13 73448 30

What’s The Dumbest Thing Your Partner Has Ever Said Or Done? 

C'mon, do not shy in sharing!

What makes your relationship special and stand apart from any other couple in the town? Umm, maybe it's your sense of humor, or perhaps it's just the bond you share that no other couple else share (as per your view)!

My partner and I have a special bonding together, and it's not because he got the hottest ass and I am the prettiest of all (though I am, LOL!). Well, when we are together, knowingly or unknowingly, we share some of the dumbest moments we could have ever shared with anyone else. And to me, it's a BOND like JAMES BOND (quite giggle).

Similarly, these Reddit users too have their own dumbest story to share that their significant others have committed ever! Let's laugh at these stories and recall ours to share with our closest ones.