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Rebecca John 20 Mar, 2019 11:51 73503 40

Your Baby Speaks Through A Lot Many Signs. Do You Know Them?

Babies cry coz they can't speak!

Those nine months and then your lil bundle of joy is in your arms! Ecstatic, rite? A moment that holds a special place in every new parent's life. While the newborn would bring in a lot of joy and priceless moments for the family, parents should be ready for a few surprises too.

The baby isn't a laughing Buddha at all times; instead, he might look like a lil monster at times. Sadly, new parents find it difficult to get hold of the exact reason behind the lil one's gets up every now & then.

To help you, newbies, here's something to know about the different baby signs. Crack the deal & spin the happy parenting wheel. Good luck!